Visible range infrared cameras

Spectral analyses or applications in photovoltaics demand sensitivities in the visible range and at the same time recordings in the near infrared up to 1700 nm.

Our standard InGaAs detector is combined with an InP layer. When the InP layer is etched away, the detector becomes sensitive in the visible range. Our models XS, Xeva and Cheetah may be fitted with this novel VISNIR detector. Thus equipped they can reach continuous sensitivities of 500 – 1700 nm.

Bobcat 640 VisNIR is a high performance near infrared camera which covers a wide spectral range from the visible to the near infrared.


Cheetah VisNIR is the world fastest large format near infrared camera, equipped with a special broad band detector. Maximum frame rate up to 1700 fps in 640 x 512 Pixels.


Xeva is a high performance near infrared camera. The camera is equipped with a thermoelectric cooler for long term stable images. A broadband detector allows to cover the visible and the near infrared wavelength band.


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